Are Dental X-Rays Dangerous?

Dentists take X-Rays of their patient’s mouths because it is a useful diagnostic tool that helps them get a better view of the patient’s mouth and potential problems that may affect their oral health and/or beautiful smile. The dentist uses an X-Ray on new patients and throughout their dental relationship when there is a problem. Many people understand that X-Rays contain radiation, which can be dangerous in large amounts. Does this make dental X-Rays dangerous or is it okay to have this procedure?

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Dentists know best whereas x-rays and procedures are concerned. He’ll evaluate your age, medical history, oral health concerns, and other factors to decide if an X-Ray is needed for your diagnosis. For most people, an occasional dental X-Ray is safe, but the dentist makes sure that this is true before performing the procedure. If you have had dental X-Rays within the past year or two, the dentist may be able to retrieve them from the last dentist rather than take new X-Rays.

Dental X-Rays use very low radiation to help see inside of the patient’s mouth. With the best dentist near me riverside, the effects of a dental X-Ray are minimal. The tools used in the dental X-Ray process limit the exposure to radiation. As long as all proper precautions have been taken during the procedure, it is virtually risk-free for the patient.

If you are pregnant, dental X-Rays may not be safe. Always reveal this information to your dentist ahead of time. While dental X-rays are sometimes necessary during pregnancy, they should be used only when necessary.  Can children have dental X-rays performed? Just as the x-rays are safe for others, they’re safe for children as well. Again, dentists evaluate the need on a per patient basis to keep everyone safe.